Mage’s Mistake

She said yes. Can he escape?


Rahbi Cairnah has made a career out of asking women to marry him—when he’s sure they’ll say no. He even uses sand magic to manufacture an authentic broken heart for himself. It’s a creative way of resisting his father’s pressure to marry. But when he proposes to his mother’s dowdy, man-hating secretary Miska, his career comes to a screeching halt. Because she says yes. Now Rahbi’s got to convince Miska to release him before his father finds out—and ends Rahbi’s carefree bachelor days forever.

MAGE’S MISTAKE is a hilarious, sweet romantic fantasy in three parts (40,000 words). It is available exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

MAGE’S MISTAKE was originally published as THE WRONG WIFE. No significant changes have been made to the story.