Origin Story

Sand and Storm got its beginning a very long time ago–close to fifteen years–when a woman I met online invited me to play the letter game. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s where two people each invent a character and write letters to each other, telling a story through correspondence. Although most letter games fizzle after a few exchanges, ours took on a massive life of its own. We wrote an entire novel and invented a world that would stay with us for the next decade and which became the foundation of a long and enduring friendship.

In 2014, as a birthday present for my friend, I began writing a new story, using the same world and many of the same characters but with an entirely different plot. It, too, took on a life of its own. Gradually, I realized that it might be interesting to more than just the two of us. With my friend’s blessing and permission, I finished and published Sand and Storm, in the hope that the characters who had brought us so much delight over the years would go on to enchant others.

We actually published our original novel several years ago as a blog, still available here. I hope you enjoy exploring the roots of Sand and Storm.