Sand and Storm (Legendary Magic Book 1)

an enchanted desert … an arranged marriage … a looming apocalypse

SaS NEW cover xsmall

When junior mage Faryn is offered the chance to intern for Shaun Valerian—famous for edgy magic and infamous for breaking hearts—she can’t afford to say no, even though accepting means giving up her own archaeological ambitions. But when they arrive in the middle of the enchanted Caladoner desert, Faryn discovers Shaun is up to far more than excavating a few dragon sarcophagi. Growing high above the sands is a storm so massive it could destroy the planet’s magical balance. There’s just one chance to stop it—a forgotten super weapon, long buried in a forgotten temple. A temple that Shaun wants Faryn to rob.

Included in the temple expedition are Faryn’s cousin Cora and her new husband. Although their marriage was arranged, Cora hopes to build a real relationship—until her husband flatly tells her he will never love her. Devastated, Cora becomes vulnerable both to the lure of a powerful Caladoner prince and to the strange enchantment of the desert itself. As the storm begins to break, Cora’s own awakening magic may be the key to unlocking the power of the ancient weapon—but only if she can navigate the tempest of her own heart.

As destiny weaves a deadly web around them, Faryn and Cora will have to choose: between safety and sacrifice, between duty and love, between old dreams and a new magic that will change the world—unless it kills them first.


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