Blood Traitors now live on Amazon!

Releasing Blood Traitors has been kind of a big deal for me. Of my published books, it’s the first sequel, the longest book, the most complex, and–counter-intuitively–the one I wrote the fastest. It marks a lot of milestones in my professional development, and I’m extremely proud of the quality of the story I’ve produced.

So here’s to political scheming, bad parenting, and lots of illegal magic! May it bring you as much pleasure to read, as it did me to write.


2 thoughts on “Blood Traitors now live on Amazon!

  1. I just found these books on Amazon and am wondering if Blood Ink was ever written or ever will be written—It looks like most of the posts on this website are from 2018…


  2. Hi Morgan! Thanks so much for getting in touch. Yes, Battle Ink is in the works, although slowly. My life got turned upside down by a new baby last April, and now, like that of many others, it’s been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m also still a pretty inexperienced author, and one of the things I’m learning to do is to set more realistic deadlines!

    I’m pulling my writing schedule back together in the midst of lockdown (and no child care), so hopefully the third and final installment in the WRONG trilogy will be out very soon. I tentatively hope for Battle Ink by the end of the year.

    If you’d like to keep up to date with my writing news, you can sign up for my newsletter.



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